Wedding in Magog

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We start with the assembly of the floor with 240 aluminum bimes for assembly on LAKE MEMPHREMAGOG. An assembly that required a week of work with a team of 8 people in order to lower all the bimes at the bottom of the ground and level a solid and very straight floor since the ground was very sloping. We must paint the floor at the end of the installation of the STRUCTURE TENT, this model of tent has no pole inside so much more room to have all the tables and the stage for the orchestra who was there.

250 guests were on site with a thunder orchestra on a stage that was 2 feet high dressed in a black skirt to hide the contours as well as a terrace decorated by palm trees and cedars (5 feet high) which was very appreciated with the intense heat of August 20, 2022. A ceremony took place at the top of the tents with lectern so that the bride and groom could exchange their vows. MARTHA STEWART chairs completed the decor for the guests and we installed a grass rug under the chairs to hide the unistone and to bring out the whiteness of the chairs.

A bar section was placed under a 20X20 marquee with a transparent roof for the bar service and a part was used to offer coffee and dessert for all the guests at the end of the evening.

Leds had been installed under the trees to illuminate the alley leading to the bathrooms located next to the residence. Several garlands of lights had also been fixed on the stair railing for more brightness.

3 large chandeliers and 6 small chandeliers have been installed on the ceiling of the 40X80 STRUCTURE TENT to create a very chic and modern decor.

The head table was fantastic with a view of Lake MEMPHREMAGOG and the 80-foot terrace made of white trellis added to the decor of this wonderful setting.

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